Sunday, June 27, 2010

Straw Handbags for Summer

Straw purses make a comeback every Summer.  Here are a few different options available online from little ole Better Than Naked!  Each straw bag is vintage, and some are handmade, too!

My favorite is this handmade knotted straw bag, which is perfect for toting to the Farmers Market each week!  Sturdy and light and decorated with flowers, this number will perfectly carry your veggies, fruits and flowers week after week with its netted design!

Looking for something with more coverage but just as big?  Pick from one of these delicate woven straw bags adorned with straw flowers!

Maybe your prefer something less traditional and with a bit more pizazz and sass?  Then chose from a small silver woven straw clutch, a large red straw purse or a black straw clutch with plastic clasp!

and last, but not least, a couple fun numbers that quickly spruce up any outfit:


whichever your style, we are sure to have it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I've been stocking up quite some time now on vintage and vintage handmade dresses.  The dresses have made it out to many events, but for some reason they haven't made it online...until now!  Being that it is the first day of Summer, despite the June Gloom we are experiencing here in Southern California, I've put together a few Summer Vintage Outfits, all with items available from my online boutique and inspired by my own Summer vacation planning.  

This light cotton red dress with matching belt features an island floral print.  Pair it up with this Straw Bag and carry your toiletries safely in the blue vintage Samsonite Small Luggage Case.  Get this look for only $91!

Looking for something a little more classic?  Make a statement with this 1960s red and white handmade polk-a-dot dress with high collar and matching belt.  Pair it up with this 1950s Navy Blue and Red Handbag for an authentic vintage look!  Traveling?  Add the small beige leather makeup case and you're ready to go!  Get this look for only $72!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Like a Bee Swarm

It came and it went, just like a bee swarm - The Summer Shoppe Backyard Boutique, the 3rd and Final of the Year!

Buttoned Flower had an array of handmade stationary to choose from. As always, the designs were unique and adorable! I picked up a few items for myself, including Thank You cards, which will be included in my shipping packages. And while I was there, I had to check out Luxe Boutique’s 50% OFF SALE! I picked up the cutest dress that can be worn in any season, and it was on sale for only $35! Dee is the perfect fashion consultant, so when you stop by her Shop in LA, make sure you seek her professional advice!

After smelling the delightful scents of Scentsy, you could make your way indoors to visit Jean Cooper of Arbonne. All the guys took advantage of her free samples of skin care, and the women were just as excited, too! Just a few more steps and you were getting a mini-facial by Fern Burg with Faces By Fern, for only $20! Making your way out, you had to try the delicious Beer Bread with Garlic Garlic Dip (yes, double garlic) by Tastefully Simple. Rosalie really knew her stuff!

The backyard had more to offer, too! PunkBaby Wear was popular as ever with their toddler tees and onesies, starting at only $15, and going as cheap as 3 for $30! Just as popular was Dollhouse Republic with one of a kind handmade jewelry made by Brunette Barbie Jeanine Romo. Girls of all ages flocked to her booth, and I myself purchased a few pairs of Barbie Heel Earrings, Cameo Necklaces and more Gun Jewels for myself.

Speaking of Jewels, Jewels 2 Shoes was another popular vendor. The name says it all, except it makes no mention of the Fabulous prices! I purchased a pair of sandals for only $29! Anywhere else they would have easily been double...or more! Denise had every size in stock and her presentation was just as lovely as her. Another lovely lady was LA Designer Leondra Renee. She had the most rockin’ tutus, and her jeweled gloves were waaay to cute! Each item is one-of-a-kind and made by Leondra herself.

Across from Leondra was Norma with The Wine Shop At Home and Paige from Pilates with Paige, giving Pilates 101 lessons!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Summer Shoppe - A Backyard Boutique!

It's baaaack!!! Backyard Boutique Number 3! I can't even believe how much the Boutique grew since the last one 2 months ago; from 4 Vendors to...TWELVE!!! The Backyard Boutique Party Network rocked it. Upon becoming a member, I have been supported by the creators of the Network as well as the vendors, and I thank them specifically for the growth of my Backyard Boutique.
So save the date, ladies and gents! Bring the kids and come out on SUNDAY, JUNE 13th, 3-6PM to THE SUMMER SHOPPE! As always, it's FREE!!!

Faces by Fern - mini-facials at only $20!
Makeup & Skin Care by Arbonne - Independent Consultant Jean Cooper!
Hand crafted Jewelry by Dollhouse Republic!
LA Fashion Designer Leondra Renee!
Munch on yummies by Tastefully Simple!
Baby and Toddler onesies and tees by PunkBaby Wear!
Mat Pilates for $8 by Pilates with Paige!
Handmade Stationary by Buttoned Flower!
Brand Name Designs by Luxe Boutique!
Wickless Candles by Scentsy!
...and Vintage and Handmade Finds by ME! BETTER THAN NAKED!