Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

Saturday, January 23rd, is the first Winter Solstice at Valentino's Salon and Spa. Our friends in skin care and makeup, Witchy Poo Lotions & Potions has achieved their goal to bring us ladies mineral makeup that loves our skin and gives great coverage! Both easy on the skin and wallet, I love the 32oz Sacred Soak Salts for my Bath. I can't wait to smell the new Eucalyptus Mint scent, which sounds perfect for winter! Browse through the varieties of eye shadows, lip glosses, skin care and face care available!

Equally exciting, Better Than Naked will also be at the Winter Solstice selling Hand Knit and Crochet Scarves, Neck Warmers, Vests, Sweaters and Hats! We will also have our popular handknit headbands and hair clips available at our favorable low prices.

But I'm sure what will appeal to everyone most is that there will be FREE refreshments served from 1-4.

I love these shopping events we hold in Kenneth Village, and I'm excited about sharing our handmade goodies to all the loyal customers of Valentino's!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Old Ridge Route

By the time Monday came around, I was in desperate need of some shopping. Unlike most women in the City of "Angels," I do not enjoy day-long shopping sprees at the Beverly Center, Colorado Street, Melrose Ave., or any other over-priced shopping areas LA has to offer. Instead, I enjoy leaving the city and traveling a mere 50-60 miles North to the mountains, where vintage and antique shopping is patiently waiting.For many years I've wanted to check out View Larger Map">Old Ridge Route Antiques in Lebec, CA. Having traveled up and down that part of the 5 Fwy my whole life, I walked in with high expectations...and left on Cloud 9 (hours later).
I got sucked into the $1 jewelry box the second I walked in the door, where I scored great sterling silver necklace charms, old pins and a gorgeous pair of faux gold cuff links - which my husband claimed before I could even finish cleaning them.
After I left my thrifty finds with owner Paula Clevenger, I made my way through the huge layout of antique furniture sets that were in impeccable condition. If you are in the market for a vintage vanity set, well...this is your place! I believe the most expensive vanity I found was $200, and all of them are complete with a stool and mirror! If I didn't already have one, I would have come home with two!
After browsing through antique beaded handbags, vintage toys and dolls, household items and many more goodies, I made a final stop to the $.50 picture box. For some reason I was drawn to a picture of a woman who wrote on the back of her photo that it is "horrid" and to "destroy it."
I can't help but think that maybe I should obey her wishes that weren't met all these years and destroy it; or, if I should be selfish and keep it alive, in spite that she wanted it destroyed decades ago. What would you do?

Of the items I walked out with, I'd have to say that my favorite find of the day was my latest home decor project - 1950s pictures of Rome, Italy. Each photo includes a detailed description of the sites on the back in pencil, by the photographer I'm assuming. Having traveled to Rome a few years ago, the connection was immediate to the pictures. And the passion and interest in each description motivates me to keep those pictures alive.