Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Old Ridge Route

By the time Monday came around, I was in desperate need of some shopping. Unlike most women in the City of "Angels," I do not enjoy day-long shopping sprees at the Beverly Center, Colorado Street, Melrose Ave., or any other over-priced shopping areas LA has to offer. Instead, I enjoy leaving the city and traveling a mere 50-60 miles North to the mountains, where vintage and antique shopping is patiently waiting.For many years I've wanted to check out View Larger Map">Old Ridge Route Antiques in Lebec, CA. Having traveled up and down that part of the 5 Fwy my whole life, I walked in with high expectations...and left on Cloud 9 (hours later).
I got sucked into the $1 jewelry box the second I walked in the door, where I scored great sterling silver necklace charms, old pins and a gorgeous pair of faux gold cuff links - which my husband claimed before I could even finish cleaning them.
After I left my thrifty finds with owner Paula Clevenger, I made my way through the huge layout of antique furniture sets that were in impeccable condition. If you are in the market for a vintage vanity set, well...this is your place! I believe the most expensive vanity I found was $200, and all of them are complete with a stool and mirror! If I didn't already have one, I would have come home with two!
After browsing through antique beaded handbags, vintage toys and dolls, household items and many more goodies, I made a final stop to the $.50 picture box. For some reason I was drawn to a picture of a woman who wrote on the back of her photo that it is "horrid" and to "destroy it."
I can't help but think that maybe I should obey her wishes that weren't met all these years and destroy it; or, if I should be selfish and keep it alive, in spite that she wanted it destroyed decades ago. What would you do?

Of the items I walked out with, I'd have to say that my favorite find of the day was my latest home decor project - 1950s pictures of Rome, Italy. Each photo includes a detailed description of the sites on the back in pencil, by the photographer I'm assuming. Having traveled to Rome a few years ago, the connection was immediate to the pictures. And the passion and interest in each description motivates me to keep those pictures alive.

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