Monday, December 7, 2009

Success! The Holiday Bash!

Success! I can officially and happily say that The Holiday Bash at Valentino’s Salon and Spa was a success! The second I opened the door to the Salon on Saturday afternoon, I could feel and smell the Holiday cheer. I couldn’t help but smile as I passed the brightly lit Christmas tree, as I was met by smiles and hugs and an appetizer table.
Ok, Yum! The food table included a variety of crackers and cheeses, brownies and cookies and homemade eggrolls. Drinks included sodas, wines and beers, and were served by a bartender. And...they were all FREE!
Across the way (and downstairs in the art gallery) was Better Than Naked, where we were selling adorable knit and crochet Stocking Stuffers. Starting at only $2, Smart Shoppers nearly sold us out of our scarves (only $10) and hats (only $5)! PunkBaby Wear Onesies and Toddler Tees were available for only $18; Pacman was the hit of the night for the Kids line.
Downstairs was the Art Gallery, where water color paintings were being sold as low as $25! I couldn’t resist and picked up a new number for the dining area.
It’ll go well with the Italian theme kitchen I’ve been working on.
Better Than Naked also had items downstairs, where the art gallery was taking place. That's where we offered mainly vintage costume jewelry and evening bags. I must admit I’m still slightly mourning the sell of the Brown Stitch Bag. But I know it went to a good home.
Many prizes were raffled off Saturday night, including our Hand-Knit, Multicolor Drawstring Bag, valued at $25. Valentino’s Salon and Spa raffled off great prizes such as haircuts, conditioning treatments and European facials. Oh! And...I did it! I did the GM Colin Skin Scan.
I went under the black tent and saw the sun damage on my face...ugh...I knew baby oil and tanning didn’t sound like a good combo (thanks, Dad).
As the time flew by, so did the drinks, food and shoppers. My cousin Dorian was Bartender of the night! Not only did he possess mad skills, but he is the only man I know that can rock a purple sweater. I’m grateful for the friends that showed up. Not only did some brave the cold on public transportation, but others drove 20+ miles to partake in the festivities.
After a joint effort cleanup session, a few of us wrapped up the evening with a scrumptious dinner (and drinks) at Chadaka Thai in Burbank, before parting for the night.
I must admit, I love happy endings!