Thursday, July 29, 2010

Upcycling with Spray Paint

I've been playing with spray paint for quite some time, especially with my booth displays.  I finally decided to play around with some vintage items and spray paint.  This was challenging for me as I believe in leaving vintage in its original condition and letting the new owner decide what, if any, upcycling shall be done.  But these items have been dying to be upcycled, so I did it.  Check it out!

magazine rack from gold to bright blue!

this frame went from ugly off-white to bright blue!

wood frame updated to hot pink and added a vintage photograph!
we kept it subtle with a shiny silver.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Swimsuit

I'm not sure what exactly the history of the swimsuit is, but I do know that it's changed tremendously through the years.  I have a friend who has tons of fabulous vintage finds and of late she has decided to start parting with some of these pieces...including vintage swimsuits!

this off white suit is SO thick!  it's like wearing a wool suit.  But isn't the shape fantastic?

this is a sexy little number that  just screams sex kitten.  meow!
by Gantner of California

and this is just....grooovy, baby!
by Deweese Design

we sure have come a long way since this, haven't we?
1924 Swimsuit

Monday, July 19, 2010

The LA Flea Market

One day, a man in Los Angeles came up with the clever and risky idea to create a whole brand new flea market in the huge city of angels. The flea market would be held at the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium, overlooking the gorgeous backdrop of downtown Los Angeles.  New and Crafty Items as well as Vintage and Antique Collectibles would be made available to shoppers.  Fantastic finds, new and old, could be found, and their prices would be both desirable and affordable.  There would be live music at this event.  The Salvation Army would offer items at a 50% reduced price (as if their prices weren’t already cheap enough).  Celebrities would cruise the market, and Rick Dees would be there to say Hello.  This market, he decided, would be called...The LA Flea Market
Guess who was a part of this fun-tastic event?!  Yes, yours truly, BETTER THAN NAKED!  Among 400+ vendors, our forever favorite Dollhouse Republic was there, too!  Although it was a sweltering hot day, we had a great time.  We met new people, we scratched the heads of many panting dogs and offered them ice cold water while they basked in the shade with their owners.  We offered 3 crates full of rare vintage vinyl records at an astounding $3 each or 4 for $10.  Vintage purses were going for as low as 5 bucks.  Vintage and retro jewelry flew out as low as $3.  And the clothes?  What clothes?  We’re practically all out!  Retro Nash roller skates?  All gone.  With cute and funny vintage mugs at only $3, we were practically wiped out! 

While we didn't get the chance to do too much exploring, we did manage to get out and see some cool stuff in the vintage and antique sections.  Our hearts melted (not from heat) at the sight of the refurbished vintage and antique furniture by Antique Rose Show

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why Do I Like Palm Springs, you ask?

Every time we travel to Palm Springs, I’m always excited for three things: yard sales, thrift shopping and food.  This past weekend, with temperatures at 112 degrees, neither myself nor others were much in the mood for yard sales.  So that left only 2 other fabulous choices: local shopping and food.

After I got over the excitement that there’s now an IHOP off the strip (yes, my guilty corporate pleasure), I turned my gaze across the parking lot to a slice of heaven.  Or as others call it, a store.  Located in a mini-strip mall with a 2 entrances, I entered Swank.  
Let me just say: I <3 Swank!  Can I get that in a girly tee, size large, puh-leeze?  It’s true, I love Swank.  I love people with swank, I love my husband ‘cause he’s got swank, and I love Swank, the vintage furniture and home accent store on the southern end of the strip in Palm Springs.

As I swaggered into Swank with the dude-man, I immediately scooped up this fantastic glass ice bucket with serving tongs.    It goes well with my growing set of 1950s Franciscan Atomic Dinnerware and Serving Set.  At only $28, I would’ve been a fool to let this baby sit on the shelf a moment longer.

As I wandered from front to back and side to side, I took in all the beauty: matching 1950s Danish chairs, vintage fabrics in flawless condition, unique accent tables, vintage art and accents. 

One of my favorites, at only $850: a round table with 4 matching chairs.  The set, including the fabric, is in great condition!  

Every time I turned my head, I saw new items: leather-padded desks, vintage rugs, paintings, lamps and hutches!  Heaven, I tell you.  

Riding out on Cloud 9, we headed back to our place to get ready for dinner.  Yummmmy....dinner.  We had a list of recommendations from friends, and we had our own personal recommendations from dining experiences past.  However, we found ourselves at a spot that we’d never heard of, and no one had told us about: Roscoe Grill.  

Taking advantage of their Summer Special, I ordered the Filet Mignon (medium), had the steamed veggies (because I’m a good girl) and threw in mashed potatoes...(because I could).  As if it that wasn’t delicious enough, once I finished licking my plate clean, I managed to find room inside for dessert.  After all, could you have passed up a brownie sundae?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Paper Dress: 1967-1969

1966 was a great year for many reasons.  Such as:

First introduced by Scott Paper Co. in 1966, the paper dress was created as an advertising campaign to promote their new “Color Explosion” paper products.  Available in 2 colors and in an A-line style, the throw-away paper dress could be purchased for $1.25 and came with coupons for Scott’s toilet paper, paper towels and napkins.  

Obviously, the ladies loved this new style of dress!  Spilled coffee or gravy?  Don't fret!  Simply throw it out and get a new one!  With orders topping 1/2 a million, Scott’s Paper Co. quickly ended the campaign, stating they “didn’t want to turn into dress manufacturers.”  
However, the paper dress lived strong for a short 3 years.  Paper dresses became quite the fashion.  “After all, who's going to do laundry in space?”  Hallmark created the paper “Hostess” dress, which matched the paper napkins and tablecloths at your party.  Your daughter could wear a matching throw-away dress, made by companies like Waste Basket Boutique!
While the fad faded by the new decade, the phenomenon of paper dress has kept lovers of fashion and vintage intrigued through the years of trends and fashions.
I had the pleasure of finally seeing a Paper Dress, and I couldn’t have been more excited!  Still living with its original owner, this “Throw-away Chic” by Moda-Mia, Inc. is in amazing condition!  I was amazed at how light the dress was and how comfortable the material felt.  I just had to share the pictures!  Thank you to my friends Denise and Nicole for sharing!