Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our 1st Professional Photo Shoot!

Last Minute Bride, a southern California pop-up bridal shop, hosted their 2nd event at The Wedding Pantry in Tustin and Better Than Naked was there donning vintage bridal duds!  2 of our favorite fashionistas came out and played with us, and Smita of Smita Photography was there to capture the fun.  Allowed to play at the historic event venue The McCharles House, check out the pictures Smita snapped and shared with us:


Smita is available for Engagement Pics, Wedding Photography, Pregnancy shots, Kids Portraits, and more!  Her enthusiastic energy behind the lens envelops the area around, producing images rich with color and emotion.  Can you tell we are on Cloud 9?!  Go to our Facebook Page to see the rest!

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