Thursday, November 4, 2010

Matrushka Construction - Hand Made in Silverlake

This is dedicated to Matrushka Construction - an independent clothing boutique.  

Pic borrowed from Fabrik Magazine
Matrushka Construction Boutique.
Pic borrowed from Fabrik Magazine

Each week owner Laura Howe hand-picks fabrics from left over remnant bolts.  Clever!  The Matrushka Team then designs, hand-sews and silkscreens (as necessary) each piece of clothing.  

Owner Laura.
Pic borrowed from Fabrik Magazine
Oh!  and they offer in-house tailoring!  Sooo clever!

Pic borrowed from In Pursuit of Pretty Things.
Then gorgeous, hand made clothes are made available for all of us to buy!

Matrushka Construction Boutique.
Photo borrowed from In Pursuit of Pretty Things.

Another thing we love about Matrushka?  They make their own shopping bags...from remnants of their remnants!  Check out their lovely boutique in Silverlake, or just click here.

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