Saturday, December 18, 2010

Swap-Bot Swap - Blog about my Blog

I'm known to enjoy a good swap now and then, and here's the latest swap I participated in on Swap-Bot:

Blog about my Blog - the name says it all!  Participants were assigned 4 partners to write about, and I've already written about 1, so here are the remaining 3:

Piscean Mama, Sanity's Overrated

aside from being a great writer with grammar skills, Piscean Mama does some fantastic book reviews.  Unlike most book reviewing blogs, she actually gives you the premise so you know what the heck is going on!  Please, Piscean Mama, show the others how it's done!  It's not until the last paragraph that she gives her personal opinion about the book.  She's also a proud mom of 2 boys and doesn't get stuck with meaningless tasks, such as a spotless house.  She'd love my wall plaque that says: My Home is Clean Enough to Be Healthy and Dirty Enough to be Happy.  Keep it up, lovebug!

Host of this blog swap, Bobeez and 8r1id is a mother, a crafter, and a crafter.  And a good one, too!  She writes in 2 languages, and again, fantastic grammar!  lol.  One thing I LOVE about Christmas are the ornaments.  My personal favorites are vintage and handmade you can only imagine how in love I am with her ornaments.

She was also featured in a Danish glossy for her Ipad covers, which are made from old Dutch postal bags.  LOVE 'EM!

And last, but definitely not least, is crafter and scrapbooker (I think I made up a word) Coleen Franks.  She has a store on Etsy selling Vintage goodies and finds from other countries.  This blog shows her life, art and mission in Ukraine and this one is all about her and her families work with God and the community.  We need more people like The Franks!


Bobbeez-8r1id said...

what a nice article you made of it, thanks

Amber said...

Thanks so much for the write-up! Not knowing what the book is about has always bugged me in book reviews that I've read (how do I know if it's a kind of book that I'll like if I don't know what it's about?) The hardest part is balancing too much information with not enough. I'm glad that you're liking them, though.

And you're right, I'd LOVE your plaque. :)

Jessica said...

I blogged about your today. Thanks for the heads up. :) J3ss1ca