Monday, January 10, 2011

Important Announcement

For months now, we've been hard at work on a large project...something that will possibly change the way we shop...maybe forever!

We've been playing in the same sandbox as jewelry lines Alex & Vina and Dollhouse Republic, collaborating at local events, fashion photo shoots, and pop-up shops.  After many successful runs, we've decided to collaborate on a permanent basis!

Having done business in areas around Los Angeles and beyond, we've noticed one important thing about Fashion.  It's not just in the big cities, in those "select areas" where everyone gravitates...No Sir!  It's at the ends of the County, it's alive and kickin' on the East side, and it can be seen all over the Valley.  And after that, it's just keeps on goin'....Because Fashion is Everywhere!

So it was only natural that our boutique would be mobile, with the ability to visit all areas of Los Angeles...and beyond.  And that is the important announcement...the launch of our mobile boutique, Le Fashion Truck!

Featuring vintage finds from Yours Truly, we are proud and excited to stock the truck with clothes, handbags, purses, accessories and more!  Oh!  And did we mention our Bitchin' Stitchin' line will be available on a permanent basis?!

Ok, we can't help but give you a sneak peek preview.  Come by Thursday night, Jan. 13th, starting at 6pm in Downtown LA during the Art Walk.  We'll be opening the doors to the boutique for the first time and it's gonna be fab!  Just look for the pink fashion truck at 340 S. Spring St., in the food truck lot!

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