Friday, July 31, 2009

mens vintage ties

i have been coming across many mens ties lately...i have always had a love for ties, but who am i to judge what a man will or won't like? i've never worn a tie before, so i imagine i am pretty clueless when it comes to tie shopping. but at one of my spots, they recently have received ties, ties and more ties! they kept catching my eye during visits, so i finally decided to check 'em out.

ok, maybe that was a bad idea...because they were all so awesome! i found myself grabbing one after another after another...not good for the BTN budget!

i came home with my ties and then left them sitting in inventory for about a month. my hubby came to check out my inventory and he saw the ties and he loved them! i allowed him to take what he liked because he claims that he doesn't have any ties. then our good friend came over and i wanted another mans opinion. he fell in love with 4 of them, so i let him take them to a good home. all homies seem to get one round of freebies at their first time shopping with me. i don't mind; i'd rather my items go home to loving homes and get used than sit in the cold and emotionless inventory room.

so after the boys in my life ransacked my tie finds, i am left to present to my vintage fashion friends vintage ties that come in handwoven & italian silk and include brands such as: Girgio Armani, Avanti California, Johnathon Lake, Cosy, Hardie Amies & more!

i'm gonna show the guys some love this weekend and spend my time posting all these fab ties. check in with our store soon for some tie lovin'!

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