Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my vintage yellow samsonite

a couple weeks ago i found a blue suitcase with goodies inside of it. i was forced to make a cruel decision that day: pick the blue suitcase with goodies in it, or take the yellow samsonite. i chose the blue case because of the curiosity the items inside brought out of me. but i never forgot about that beautiful yellow samsonite suitcase.

yesterday morning i awoke with one mission: thrift shopping. you ever get those feelings that if you do something it will prove successful? well, that's the feeling i had about going thrift shopping. i went to my favorite spot and had to control myself from running in. i went straight to the luggage section and...WOOHOO! the yellow samsonite was there! i snatched it up and caught myself grinning all the way to the purse and shoe section. i picked up 15 great vintage bags and 3 pairs of adorable heels, all which will be for sale.

i'm so excited about my new piece of luggage that i had to post some photos of it. this baby is going on my palm springs trip this coming weekend.

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