Thursday, September 3, 2009

1980s Plastic Charm Bracelets and Necklaces

yes, i was a child of the 80s...not a teen, but a kid. i was a fan of the smurfs, rainbow brite, the care bears, tom and jerry, bugs bunny and scooby doo...i was NOT a fan of teenage mutant ninja turtles, ducktales or any of those weird shows; by that point i was baby-sitting the kids watching those wanna-be cartoons. i'm just clarifying to make sure you know when i'm coming from.

so...i was at my parents house a couple weeks and i was going thru a closet in the room that used to be mine when i found something i've been thinking of for a while now - my 1980s plastic charm bracelet and necklace!

i don't know who remembers these, because some of the people i've asked just look at me with a blank stare, but these were so bomb! each necklace and bracelet is made of cheap plastic links and adorned with large, plastic charms (each about an inch or more) with small bells and make no sense whatsoever. for example, one of the charms on my bracelet is all white and has a bear riding a dolphin...?!

i brought my plastic bracelet necklace and bracelet set home. i looked up examples online and currently there is an ebay auction featuring 31 charms on a necklace - current bid is $47! while i would love to expand my collection, i know there's a die-hard bidder in there that will pay whatever need be to acquire this necklace, and I'm not that hard up (yet). i did find a smaller and cheaper auction where I'm currently the highest let's keep our fingers crossed!

anyways, i've attached a photo of my plastic charm necklace and bracelet. the necklace is a red plastic chain with the following charms: a blue racket, a white roller skate, yellow fish, a hot pink fist, an orange bottle and a teal tansistor radio. the bracelet is a neon yellow and features a red hair dryer, yellow smiling frog and a white bear on a white dolphin.

i'm not planning on wearing these out, least not yet...but i'm just so excited to have found them that i had to post my own! wish me luck that i win the auction!


Kiley Ohl said...

OH MY GOSH!! I miss these things! I have an 11 year old daughter that I am DYING for these to make a comeback for! :) Thanks for posting! What a fun memory!

better than naked said...

i'm trying to get my 15 year old niece to rock 'em, but no luck yet. i just purchased a TON and am thinking about having a swap site...i'll keep you posted!

Counting Coconuts said...

I know this is a very old post and I'm more than a little behind the times with regard to the swap, BUT.... I wondered if you were ever planning to do another swap? I have nearly 500 of these totally rad charms and would love to swap some of them out! :)