Tuesday, September 8, 2009

meet you at the roller rink

roller skating...ahh, what a fun pastime. me and my friend, let's call her lynn, recently recalled our days of young when we made up dances on roller skates to the soundtracks of La Bamba and Dirty Dancing. lynn was a roller skating student of a very famous professional roller skater, so she would come home with all these super cool tricks and moves on her skates; shoot the duck was one of my personal faves. this skate obsession went on for quite some time, and still holds a special place in my heart today. 30th birthday - what did i do? went rollerskating! and mind you, i do not rollerblade.

today i discovered: the vintage blue roller skate shoe.

i had some time to spare in my day today, so i cruised into a personal favorite treasure hunt spot of mine to see what i could find. i lazily looked around, as there wasn't much going on in there. no luck with purses, shoes, belts...boring! then...just as i was about to give up all hope, i reared a corner, and, right in my point-of-view and in all its beautiful retro glory, were these funky-town, perfect condition, vintage blue roller skate sneakers with bright, fat yellow wheels and clean white shoestrings! i picked them up, waiting to be disappointed. but i wasn't! yellow wheels... never been worn...clean white shoelaces...vintage...retro

these blue roller skates will be available in better than naked's online boutique soon. but for now, you have these pics to admire them by. enjoy!

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