Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February is Vintage Month!

As 2009 was coming to an end, I had a great conversation with my husband (and business partner) about my vintage mania. Anyone that knows me, knows I’ll start a project and then walk away midway to start another project, all while brainstorming and ranting about the third project...and on, and on it goes. So for the sake of our sanity and happy marriage, together the partner and I decided that it would be best if I stop buying and start researching my see what my long term goals are for my vintage madness and business.

After a successful Purse Party on the last day of January, I decided it was time to temporarily trade in my vintage shopping sprees for vintage research sprees. While it has only been a couple days, I woke up Monday not really knowing where to start. So I got into my car and drove to the Boulevard...where I ended up at a bookstore. After picking up BUST magazine, a guide book to vintage handbags, and a vintage fashion accessories book, I couldn’t wait to come home and get to reading! After my first day of research, I discovered that one thing is for sure: @ Better Than Naked, we offer AMAZING prices on quality and collectible vintage handbags, fashions and accessories. For example, Lizard skin Purses by Koret can sell from $50-$200. We’re currently offering one for below $30, with shipping and handling included!

After a sleepy morning, Day 2 got started with a stop to Vintage Playclothes in Studio City. I was overwhelmed by the amazing vintage fashions that awaited me once I opened the front door! While I wanted to touch every item and stock up on vintage hats and purses for myself, I managed to stay focused and instead conducted price comparisons. I almost couldn’t walk straight as I admired a wall of heels, boots, fur jackets, stoles, and vintage eye ware. The hats were too cute and unique, and I ended up giving in to trying a few on. After my trip there, I gladly realized that @ Better Than Naked, our wide collection of shoes come in popular brands and in great condition; the same as Playhouse. As I exited, I picked up a nifty free paper and event postcards and came home to build up my February calendar, which is:

Saturday, February 6th: I can’t miss Apartment 3’s Pre-Valentine’s Day VIP Penthouse Sale at the Standard in Downtown! I can’t wait to see all the items they have for sale under $45, and there’s nothing wrong with FREE DRINKS and kick ass music! Festivities start at 1pm and carry on until 6. All are invited!
Sunday, February 7th: I will not forgive myself if I don’t swing by the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica for the Vintage Fashion Expo. Not only will jewelry appraisals be available, but fashions for Spring 2010 will be shown! At only $10 entry fee, this one can't be missed.

Friday, February 12th: If all goes well, on our way out to Palm Springs that Friday afternoon, the partner and I will stop by Barkar Hangar inside Santa Monica airport for the Friday preview of the first annual Kulture Recycling & Vintage Clothing World Gathering.
Saturday, February 13th: While in Palm Springs, we are looking forward to attending the Palm Springs Modernism Show at the Convention Center. At only $15 admission fee, I can’t wait to see all the amazing furniture and fine arts for sale in the mid-century modern capital of California - the desert of Palm Springs!
Sunday, February 14th: I'm hoping and praying that I finally make it to the Vintage Paper Fair in Glendale on the way home from the desert. The name says it all, and it's FREE...

Tuesday, February 16th: BOOK Starstruck: Vintage Movie Posters From Classic Hollywood is being released and is said to feature the best of film historian Ira Resnick’s collection of movie posters and stills from 1912-1962. The cover alone has me sold.

Sunday, February 21st: I absolutely have to make it out to the Long Beach Flea Market. After many unsuccessful runs at the Silverlake Arts Craft and Vintage last year, I’m on the prowl for successful flea markets where I can share and sell my vintage finds with vintage fashionistas and collectors alike.

Sunday, February 28th: I hope to end the month with a visit to the Ventura Flea Market. Just one county over, it sounds refreshing to leave the city and head to the ocean community of Ventura and see what vintage fans there are in the market for.

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