Friday, February 26, 2010

Organize 2 Harmonize

I don't know about you, but it is a constant struggle for me to keep organized. I start many projects at the same time, and have many ongoing projects that require constant attention, so I'm constantly making clutter messes. I realized that I needed a method to my madness, and so entered Robyn Reynolds, owner of Organize 2 Harmonize.
Specializing in Home Organization, Estate Sales and Move Coordination, Robyn's passion for organization and harmony comes through in the way she conducts herself and her business. She spares you the lip service and gets to the point. I called her in to take a small peek at some of my madness. She doesn't know it, but she didn't see the full madness.
We started in my master bedroom. That bedroom is fairly minimal, and that's the way dude man wants to keep it. So i showed her the inside of our closet and explained to her that we are running out of room and showed her my pile of shoes in the corner. I could see the wheels moving in her head, and her eyes lit up as the ideas came out of her mouth. She gave me some "food" for thought, and wasn't afraid to ask me questions. Why do I have to hang up all my jeans? I don't know, but she's right, I don't need to! Why do I hang all my tees? indeed they do still get wrinkled...
I then introduced her to our home office. We are very close to putting the finishing touches on that room, but I've been hesitant because I'm not liking the flow I've created...or lack of, I should say. After a few moments of silence, the ideas came out of Robyn's mouth. And it all made sense. And she also gave me a few places to shop for furniture based on the styles that are in my home. She is thorough, understanding and has great follow through.
Check out her site: and, as Robyn says, Clear the clutter, Clear the mind, Be more productive.