Thursday, February 11, 2010

This One's for Me!

yeah, ok, so i’ve been on strict orders from the dude man to chill out on the inventory shopping. and I did! But, as I have said numerous times, you can’t fight the feeling when it comes calling. Anyways, thank goodness for a somewhat stable last couple months on the business allowed for me to see what all was out there to see...and buy.

I came across, and bought, fun stuff this time around! Not a single purse, and I didn’t even mind! I found many fun trinkets, odds and ends...those of which I typically steer clear from. Not because I don’t love them. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Anyways, I ended up buying a few things for my home: a California Pottery Wine Carafe, 2 Stainless Steel oversized serving trays (for our “romantical” meals in bed), as well as a few bad-as* vintage art wall hangings.

However, my favorite, most priced-possession of this week’s shopping was the Ceramic Japanese White Owl I purchased...for only 1 dollar.

Measuring in at 4 inches high and 1 1/4 inch wide, this Owl is definitely a piece that Jonathan Adler used for inspiration when designing his line of white animals. His pointy ears and stoic face leave no room for play time. His feathers are so defined you almost believe they're real.

True to his breed, he still bears his blue 'JAPAN' sticker on his bottom for all to his admire his authenticity.

When I saw him, it was instant love. I’ve always been a skeptic about love at first sight, always playing those emotions off as lust. Well... skeptic I am no more. His milk-like white guarantees him a spot in my bedroom, I just haven’t figured out exactly where yet.

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Luna said...

Good find and he's soo cute!

I'm following you. My Swap-bot name is RyuLuna :D