Monday, August 30, 2010

The LA Flea Market, Part Deuce

For me, the morning started with a steaming hot cup of coffee from the upcoming portable cafe Drip Bar.  Serving organic Blue Bottle Coffee, each cup of coffee is individually prepared at the time of order, resulting in a fresh, delicious, smooth cup of coffee.  In the amount of time it took me to walk from their bar to my booth at the LA Flea Market, I had already finished my cup and sent my hubby off to grab me another one (ok, it was 2 more, but who’s keeping count?).  

Sharing a booth with friends and fashionistas Denise and Nicole, we enjoyed all the people watching and shoppers.  Lucky folks walked out of our booth with vintage jewelry starting at only $1, vintage handbags starting at $3, and free belts with each purchase!  While I was sad to see the “Doris Day” Samsonite suitcase go, I was happy to know it was in good hands. 

During an early afternoon stroll with the hubby, I came upon The Animal Box.  Owner and Artist Kudura makes his adorable animal art work available on cotton tees and sells them for affordable prices.  When I say affordable, I’m talking about American Apparel thermal zip-ups for only $25 and girly tees for only $15.  He’s in the middle of reorganizing his online presence, but you can check out all the goodies here.  What I love about this designer, aside from his fantastic artwork, is the fact that you can choose your own colors of tees and ink, resulting in a truly unique tee!  Here are the 2 that I picked up:  

I’d have to say the best part, however, was the friendship.  From my husband and parents to Denise, Nicole, Susan and others, we were a strong unit of vendors, and the energy we shared coasted me through the day.  How random was it when the hubby ran into his childhood friend Anita, of "I Dream of...Vintage."  Being reunited after 12 years, it was as if all of us were long lost friends the second we all connected.  And if you do, indeed, dream of vintage, then you gotta check them out.  I picked up 2 vintage dresses for only $35!  

Anita spoke of a Fashion Show coming in the Fall at The House of Blues on as soon as I know, you'll know! 
While there are mixed reviews about the market out there, I had a good time as both a vendor and a buyer.  Yeah, sure, there could be more vendors.  And yeah, sure, it still has small hiccups here and there.  But it’s a fantastic blend of local sellers working hard to cater to local buyers, and those that support our hard work are greatly appreciated!

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