Saturday, June 27, 2009

contents of "the case" - small floral box

so yesterday i was quite disappointed with what i pulled out of the was this wooden box that you can buy at Michael's Craft Store with an unattractive floral design that was pathetically glued on to the box. unamused, i opened the box anyways.

exhibit #2:
1) fun and bright round blue bead necklace with gold. brightens up any outfit!
2) black oval beads with gold diamond shaped beads separating every 2 black beads.
3) white beads that are largest in the middle and become smaller as it goes up to the closure. gold small beads separate every white bead.
4) handmade shades of pink necklace with complicated knot-like design throughout.
5) 2 silver "LOVE" pendants...could be used on a necklace or big-a** earrings.

i'm thinking i might want to make necklaces or earrings with the LOVE pendants; they're pretty rad-o! i'm thinking the necklaces will all be sold together in a lot. and the box? i dunno...trash it?

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