Thursday, June 4, 2009

Retro Purses in Bloom!

tuesday was a great day for retro purses. while i love the 1950s and 1960s styles very much and find myself collecting only the real old classic ones, i absolutely fell in love with these great retro bags! many modern purse designers are making their styles to look more and more like the older designs, but there's nothing like a true original from the era.

the purple clutch - what a beaut! so this clutch is a fun, electric purple in a PVC/faux leather material with a gold button snap and clean black lining. not only a gorgeous color, but a fun style! what i love most about this one is that you can really dress it up or down, depending on your mood! and it's season-proof! this purple can spruce up an outfit in the dead of winter or compliment that flirty summer dress!

the red retro - classic red - doesn't get more red than this! lovin' the fun design on the front that really makes this one a cutie! 2 favorite things about this red retro: 1 - the strap is removable, so you can have a purse or a clutch - or both in one wearing! 2 - the interior is so adorable! open the red zipper top and you have an adorable and clean red dot design with a zipper compartment. outfit lacking color? well this retro piece is sure to solve that problem!

the black beauty - retro design at its best! simple black purse with removable strap has a simple knot design on the front top that is oh-so-cute! and like the retro red, this black beauty also has a removable strap, allowing for a sexy clutch or daytime bag!

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brand-eye said...

i love the purple one!

better than naked said...

i was so excited when i found that one!