Thursday, June 25, 2009

contents of "the case" - Swedish Leatherette Box

yesterday i went to my secret shop to see what i could ever get those feelings like today is a good day to treasure hunt? well, that's the feeling i had, so i went with it. after a semi-successful purse find, i checked out and made my way to my car. i spotted the luggage center right near the exit that is usually pretty empty and decided to stop since it was packed full! i fell in love with a vintage bright yellow samsonite suitcase with a super clean (but musty smelling) yellow interior with white polka-dots. sold! but then, this smaller, blue suitcase was sitting there - nothing special, i thought...but then something silver inside of it glimmered and caught my attention. one of the locks was sealed shut, so i could barely see inside, but i noticed a handful of objects inside. reluctantly, i ditched the sunny yellow samsonite and grabbed the blue case and headed to the check-out stand.
on the ride home, we hit a bump and the other lock sealed shut. no problem, i think. these locks always open so easily with a small key...HA. well, about an hour later i am still fidgeting with those dang locks! finally...crack! one lock opens. ah, the suspense!!! i work madly to open the second one, not wanting to damage the locks; i had hoped to adopt this case into my luggage. but, curiosity got the best of me and one flathead screwdriver later, the case was opened!

exhibit #1: Swedish Brown Leatherette Mens Jewelry Box

i love these leatherette jewelry boxes. i made the mistake of selling all the ones i had come across in the past, so i was quite happy to find this baby (although it too will be available for sale).
this men's jewelry box is brown leather with a gold crest border and a large Royalty Crest in the middle. it opens to reveal a soft brown velvet interior with 3 rows of ring/cuff link holders, 3 dividers, and a watch/tie pin holder on top.
the bottom reads in gold: "SWANK. Skandinaviska Etuifabriken - Malmo. By appointment to the Swedish Royal Court. Box made in Sweden. Design Philippe."

Stay tuned for more contents from "the case"...there's another beauty in there you'll want to know about, especially if you love silver!

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