Friday, August 21, 2009

jewlery, jewelry and more jewelry!

i've been preparing for my first public appearance which will be on saturday, august 29. i've purchased a booth space at the silverlake art and craft fair and in anticipation of this great weekly event, i've destroyed my home upside down and have been pulling out purses from ungodly places. ok, not really ungodly places, but my god! i have over 160 vintage bags!!!

as i was going thru the goodies, i came across necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants that i forgot i had. DOH! how selfish of me! my purpose is to find them new homes, not hoard them!

so what's so special about my jewelry? well, for starters, check out those handmade sunkist earrings! they are made from recycled sunkst cans and padded with a foam-like lining on the back. the heart-shaped earrings are on silver hoops. or how about screw-back wood earrings or red dots?

ok, let's talk necklaces. although hard to see, not only do we have big junky necklaces, we also have glass bead necklaces perfect for layering, scrabble pendant necklaces, and domino pendants with vintage pics and hilarious sayings!

bracelets are there too! gold bracelets, silver, beaded and more!

this is one example of the many vintage finds that will be available at our August 29th booth in silverlake!

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