Monday, August 24, 2009

yes, still talking about the fair this coming saturday!

i may sound like a complete broken record by now, but i'm just overflowing with excitement and enthusiasm! i am finally taking my "boutique" on the road and going to set up a public shop for the day. i've purchased my 10x10 tent, have stocked up heavily on inventory, and am in the final process of decorating my booth.
i found a chain-link fence a couple months ago in the backyard of our semi-new house after removing a large metal gate and have been dying to put it to use since its discovery. i'm thinking that the fence will be perfect for displaying the bags and purses!
oh yes, the bags and purses...uh, what should one do? i have purses coming out of my ears over here! i counted 101 purses a couple weeks ago, of which maybe a 1/4 were posted and have since been deactivated for repricing. since that last count, i have purchased at least 20 or so MORE purses, including this beautiful royal blue beauty! i'm not sure which to take out with me and which shall stay...or should they all go? i don't know! argh! the stress, the pressure!
i also decided to take a look into the jewelry i've accumulated...which turns out to be a lot. i have over 20 loose pendants and charms and only a couple chains worth using. so do i sell the pendants as is or spend more $$ on the chains, thus marking up the prices on my charms? then how vintage of a price can i offer? the agony! the confusion!
oh my geez, then there's the shoes! heels, boots, kids, men and women...even freakin' moccasins! hey, where did those come from anyways? must have been another manic day...when, then or now?
oh yes, trucker hats and ties for the guys. i can't wait! i have been having so much fun shopping for ties. there are some super cool digs out there. the boys in my life have been taking first pick, but luckily for the shoppers they are conservative and left the bold ones for, well, the bold ones!
i'm feelin' pretty lucky at this point. mom will be there working the $$$ and mother in law will be there, too. hubby and pops are expected to make an appearance as well! just keeping my fingers crossed for the love and support of my family and friends and the eagerness of shoppers to come out for superb saturday shopping at the silverlake art craft and vintage fair!

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