Sunday, August 9, 2009

Silverlake Indie Swapmeet

yeah, i might be a little late on the bandwagon, but at least i finally know! saturday i went to the silverlake art and craft sale/swapmeet with the hubby. he was excited to browse through records and i was excited!

when we entered the gate, there was this woman playing flute and reading what looked like very old sheet music. it was so pretty! it took me back to my flutist never appreciate what you have until it's gone, huh?

heading past the flutist, we came across a booth of 3 gals, one of whom was selling these adorable tie-dye baby tees with felt designs. i was shocked to learn that she hasn't been selling her items on etsy! she said that she wasn't sure about her designs aftering viewing the current etsy sellers, but i strongly and honestly disagreed with her. so hopefully she will just go for it and see for herself!

moving on we came across a girl sitting at a small table with 3 vintage dresses and really funny cards. she is a seller on etsy and i giggled at her most popular seller that read "Congrats, Bitch"in beautiful cursive. i then purchased her 3 vintage dresses for $15. whatta steal! still haven't decided their fate. i'm thinking they are gonna be added to my wardrobe, being that i possess 1 vintage dress, 1 skirt and 30 vintage purses...yeah, i need some clothing.

we darted straight past the massive racks of vintage and retro clothing. so overwhelming! at this point i had lost gino. i stumbled upon a booth of all sorts of trinkets and goodies. lots of fun stuff, and one purse labeled "Space Girl Purse." oh, look! records! and gino!

gino joined me, knit kitty in hand and 20 bucks later. we passed by this oh-so-clever guy with a sewing machine and clothing galore! what a clever fella! you could create your own dress, right there on the spot! you pick 3 different vintage fabrics, mainly old tees, and choose from 3 styles of dresses, hand on over to mr. clever, and...wah-lah! your very own, custom-made, vintage dress. that was probably the highlight for me.

we passed by jewelry and art....i picked up black crystal earrings for 12 bucks, and gino scored a magnet. we made our way around the back end...ooh! what is this? 5 and 10 dollar racks! i scored myself an adorable house-dress...yes, i made my status of housewife official!

we passed by more vintage booths, but a little too chaotic to entice us. we got a good laugh out of someone trying to sell a destroyed "X"album for $100 and made our way back to the entrance and the flutist.

what a great time! i'm thinking about trying out the swap meet for myself, and seeing if i can have any luck selling my vintage goodies. my current active inventory consists of 68 items, plus i just counted out 101 purses that are still in the "warehouse" which weekend should i choose? hmmm...

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