Monday, August 10, 2009

painting on leather is rad!

i've always wanted to enjoy painting, i just always had so many issues with it. maybe it has to do with the fact that i failed, yes failed, my first painting class my 1st year of college...i failed mainly because i never showed up, and i never showed up because i didn't like the professor, and i didn't like the professor because he was so negative about art that was not done in his exact manner. one which i prayed to never obtain. sure, the man was talented, otherwise he would not have been teaching a painting class. but he was just as lame as his boring paintings and became in my mind a mini-hitler: pissy about his crappy paintings so he took it out on his artists. yes, that's a large accussation to make, but it's funny and it makes me laugh, and this is my blog!

so! moving on, the above story does have a meaning to this blog, unlike many other i tell. after i failed that art class at 18 years of age, i never felt the same enthusiasm about a paint brush and canvas. many years later i had found photography to be artistically fulfilling, and there was a positive response to my pics, so i let that consume me for a few years. but, like everything else i experience, i got bored.

ok, i'll get to the point! i started painting on vintage bags. blah, there it is! my first attempt came out pretty clean. i took a white leather clutch with a wrist strap that needed a little "vavoom!" only having had purchased the electric blue paint, i followed along lines already present in the purse. this paint i'm using from eco-flo is fun because it glides on smooth and evenly and colors include bright yellow, hot pink and neon greens! once the paint dries, a water protector is applied to the paint to keep it sealed in and protected...forever!

today i finished my second bag. this one is a black leather purse with leather interior and silver accents and a great design that was getting lost in monotone. although i've since purchased more eco-flo colors, i found myself gravitating towards the electric blue. following the vertical and horizontal lines on the bag, the black handbag got a makeover too! it's been posted on my etsy site and can be seen here.

i went through the 101 purses and pulled out 8 more bags that are set up to get a makeover. stay tuned, my goal is to knock one out by tomorrow!

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